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  • Selasa, 9 Maret 2021
  • 08:03 WIB
  • Foto: Damar - Medcom

    JAKARTA – The formation of Command Posts (Posko) at the village and sub-district levels were adequate during the Enactment of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) at the village and sub-district levels. And this is a reasonably practical control model resulting in a decrease of positive cases.

    A spokesperson for the Covid-19 Task Force, Prof. Wiku Adisasmito, informed until the second week of the Micro PPKM, there are approximately 22,832 posts that has been established across 30 provinces in Indonesia. The Covid-19 Task Force is responsible for collecting all postal reports on Covid-19 activities.

    “I give my appreciation to all provinces for their efforts to coordinate their regions down to the village and sub-district levels, so that the post, which functions as the implementer of the micro PPKM, can be formed and run well,” he said in an International Media Briefing at Graha BNPB, Monday (8/3 / 2021) also being broadcast on the BNPB Indonesia YouTube channel.

    Of all the provinces that have formed posts, there are three provinces with the highest number of posts. Namely, in West Java, as many as 6,873 posts, Central Java 6,475 posts, and East Java 4,216 posts. 

    Currently, the post’s main tasks is to carry out educational and socialization activities for 3M (wearing masks, maintaining distance, and washing hands) with a total of more than 1 million activities reported, more than 200.000 reports of masks distribution, and more than 130.000 of disciplinary enforcement.

    West Java reported the most of all provinces, which exceeded 350.000 reports—followed by Banten with more than 200.000 reports and DI Yogyakarta with more than 170.000 reports. Of all the reports received by the Covid-19 Task Force, the activities that received the most alerts from the posts were community activities that had the potential to cause crowds. Namely wedding parties, meeting activities and religious activities.

    With the effectiveness of posts in carrying out the Covid-19 response, hopefully, there will be an increase in the number of provinces participating in the establishing command posts at the village and sub-district levels. 

    Within two weeks of implementing the PPKM Micro, the Covid-19 cases are slowing down. And the provincial government can make efforts to improve the quality of handling in the future.

    “Remember, please maintain the spirit of cooperation and work for hand in hand in carrying out the micro PPKM to the smallest level, not only at the beginning of the implementation but onwards until we can suppress cases, and handling at the national level can improve significantly,” Wiku hoped.

    Jakarta, March 8, 2021

    Covid-19 Task Force Public Communication Team


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